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Toll Free: 1 844 ONT-RDEE (668-7333)

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Since 2009, tourism has been one of the priority areas in economic development, as outlined in the report Discovering Ontario: A report on the future of tourism, which tells us that “[Ontario] will aim to double tourism receipts by 2020”. (Sorbara, 2009: 6).

Ontario ranks first among Canadian provinces in terms of tourism revenue. The tourism industry in Ontario represents more than 3% of provincial GDP, more than all primary sectors combined, including forestry and the mining industry. 98% of the sector is made up of small and medium-sized businesses.

In terms of Human Resources, the tourism industry in the province employs more than 194,000 individuals. This sector, which is the number one employer of youth, generates “significant employment, especially for new entrants to the workforce.” (Sorbara 2009).

For all of its tourism projects, RDÉE Ontario relies on solid partnerships with key private and public stakeholders, recognized at provincial, national and international levels.

Employability Axis – Francophone Tourism & Human Resources:
RDÉE Ontario seeks to develop the skills and employability of Francophone newcomers and bilingual Francophones within the tourism industry in the province and to put tools in place to enable their quick and appropriate professional integration. Three partners have joined RDÉE Ontario: the Coalition Ontarienne de Formation des Adultes (COFA), the Centre franco-ontarien de ressources en alphabétisation (Centre FORA) and HT Hospitality Training College Inc.

Economic Development Axis – Products and Services Offering Development: RDÉE Ontario would like to provide the strategic, technical and logistical support needed for private and public tour operators in Ontario to sustainably develop their offerings in domestic and international tourism markets. 

Network-Partnerships Axis – Business Development:
RDÉE Ontario, in collaboration with RDÉE Canada, would like to develop tourism business partnerships between Europe and Canada. Europe, the world's leading tourism region (with France as the world’s most popular tourist destination) has developed innovative techniques and strategies. Our goal is to see how Canada can benefit from these strategies and expertise to regain our position as one of the world's top tourist destinations.