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Toll Free: 1 844 ONT-RDEE (668-7333)

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RDÉE Ontario Employability and Immigration

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RDÉE Ontario Employability and Immigration is a program to increase awareness and encourage the economic integration of Francophone immigrants in Ontario. This initiative is aimed at educating employers about the benefits of hiring newcomers, helping them identify qualified candidates, and assisting in the recruitment and integration of newcomers in the workplace.
This provincial program has employability and entrepreneurial components to achieve a variety of objectives:
- Educate Ontario employers about the benefits of hiring newcomers
- Prepare newcomers for the realities of Ontario’s labour market
- Support SMEs in their recruitment of newcomers
- Support newcomers and members of Francophone communities in developing business plans
- Provide support in leadership development and building a network of professional contacts
To ensure the success of the program, RDÉE Ontario offers professional support to all of our clients for a period of three to six months. 
RDÉE Ontario is present in Francophone communities across the province. Internationally, we participate in Destination Canada job fairs to facilitate the hiring of clients abroad.


The Economic Development and Employability Network of Canada (RDÉE Canada) with its 12 provincial and territorial member organizations, offers free professional pre-departure support services in French to Francophone immigrants living outside of Canada.
RDÉE Ontario manages this pan-Canadian project through its program Employability and Employment.
These services are offered to:
  • permanent residents of Canada
  • individuals selected to become permanent residents who have been informed by a letter from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)
  • Convention refugees or protected persons abroad who have been selected by CIC for resettlement in Canada
  • protected persons as defined in section 95 of the IRPA
People falling into the categories listed above can use the full range of services relating to job placement and entrepreneurship from provincial and territorial RDÉEs, and can join various business communities. They will also be informed of relevant services in their destination communities.
In order to save time and facilitate professional integration, a point of contact may be reached at or by phone at +1 647-288-0672 or on our website at