Ottawa Headquarters
214 Montreal Rd
Ottawa, Ontario
K1L 8L8
613 590-2493
Toll Free : 1 844 ONT-RDEE (668-7333)
Toronto office
2 Carlton Street, 1305-1307
Toronto, Ontario M5B 1J3

Toll Free: 1 844 ONT-RDEE (668-7333)

Who are We?

Core Business Areas

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RDÉE Ontario has taken a leadership role thanks to the multiplicity and diversity of the programs it offers in the province. Our initiatives fall under three main strategic orientations, in five core business areas:

Economic Development

1. Supporting Entrepreneurship
The development of Francophone businesses in Ontario contributes to Ontario’s economic growth. Our goal is to enhance economic development in these communities, and to help them grow.   
2. Economic Sectors and Industry Support
We actively participate in regional decision-making processes. Our objectives are to help Francophones to participate and have a voice in economic issues that affect them. By establishing strategic partnerships, they are included in Ontario’s economic development.


3. Supporting Employability
Employability is one of our key mandates. The goal is to reduce the gap between labour supply and demand by addressing two important factors: French speaking workforce and the job market.

Capacity Building and Partnerships

4. Supporting Community Capacity Building
Francophone communities want to take action of their development process. Partnerships are the key element in this area of intervention. Our goal is to increase the capacity of groups and organization so that they can initiate and manage their communities’ economic development initiatives.

5. Ensure the Sustainability of RDÉE Ontario by Diversifiying its Funding
Our fifth and last core business area encompasses all the other areas. RDÉE Ontario receives many requests for support from businesses. Funding received from our principal funder Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)  is not currently sufficient for us to offer the level of specialized services that these businesses require (Area 1). We are continually seeking new funding to expand and significantly improve our services to businesses.