Ottawa Headquarters
214 Montreal Rd
Ottawa, Ontario
K1L 8L8
613 590-2493
Toll Free : 1 844 ONT-RDEE (668-7333)
Toronto office
2 Carlton Street, 1305-1307
Toronto, Ontario M5B 1J3

Toll Free: 1 844 ONT-RDEE (668-7333)

Who are We?

Mission, Vision and Values

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RDÉE Ontario promotes economic development and employability to help ensure the vitality and sustainability of the province’s Francophone communities.



RDÉE Ontario is the leading provincial organization for Francophones in Ontario engaged in economic development, employability and capacity building.



Strategic Alliances
We value and encourage all forms of collaboration and strategic alliances among community members.
Cultural Diversity
We recognize and respect the diversity of the Francophone community in Ontario.
Culture of Innovation
We distinguish ourselves by our creativity and flexibility, our adaptability, and our practices and innovation in economic development, employability and partnership networking.
Ongoing Consultation
We endeavour to provide ongoing consultation within the community.
Integrity and Pragmatism
Our professional culture is direct, honest, transparent and realistic. We are actively engaged in everything we do, and we do what we say. We recognize and value teamwork, and the work of individuals who have made contributions to economic development, employability and partnership networking for Ontario Francophones.

Better Living
Our initiatives are aimed at improving the quality of life in Francophone communities by contributing to the economic growth of the province, while maintaining respect for the environment.